Month: October 2016

Message from President

president_enMy name is Zack and I am glad that you are interested in learning more about me and my company.

The Home Care of Baltimore was started in 2010, but in reality we have been caring about elderly people for more than 15 years.

Our company is family based and family oriented.

Let me share some facts from my family’s life and tell you more about why I decided to start this company.

I was born in Ukraine in the low middle class family. I am one of three brothers and we have been taking care of our 95 year old mother for more than 15 years.

My wife is a great woman. We have been married for almost 30 years and still feel like it is our first year. We have 3 kids, 2 daughters in law and 5 grandkids. My wife is the key person who is dedicating her life to support our love ones (kids, grandkids and mothers).

Our mothers spent most of the lives in the former USSR. During the Second World War, they were under German occupation and suffered with all other people. The difficulties of that life definitely affected their health. When we moved to Baltimore, they were living in their own apartments and we supported them in any way they needed. When the time came and they could not live alone any more, my wife and I decided to bring them into our home. About three years ago, we moved my very sick mother-in-law into our house and a little later we moved my mother. Since then we have been taking care of them on daily basis. It has not always been easy and experience we have with our mothers prompted me to start this company to help others who might be in a similar situation.

Our company gets full support from my brothers and our big family.

We have a strong background and will bring our 15 years of experience to your doorsteps.