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Personalized Evaluation

A registered nurse conducts a thorough evaluation in your home in order to assess the physical, emotional, social and environmental needs of a client.

Personal Home Visits

We provide assistance and support with individual care, meals, light house maintenance, laundry, tasks, managing medications, etc.

Registered Nurse

All of our staff are supervised by a registered nurse (RN).

Why us? You have a number of reasons to choose Home Care of Baltimore!

At some point in our lifetime, we are faced with the difficult decision of how to take care of our parents or someone dear to us in their elder years.

Many seniors aren’t ready to move to a senior facility and feel more comfortable at home with their families. Our Home Care Agency helps families cope with these decisions by offering sound solutions for the elderly and disabled that allow them to stay in their home.Our team has a strong background in healthcare as well as personal experience in caring for elderly and disabled adults.

Research indicates that keeping seniors physically, mentally, socially and emotionally engaged can help them retain better cognitive functions, stay healthier, and live independently.

Our caregivers understand these details and go beyond basic companionship and housekeeping services to provide sensitive, confidential personal care services while maintaining the focus on emotional well-being and client safety. It is not always easy for seniors or disabled people to accept personal care, so it is essential that they have a warm relationship with their caregiver, built on trust and genuine affection.

Because our in home supportive services allow patients to stay at home and be more comfortable, family members can easily check up on their loved one’s progress.

We provide elder care services, senior services, personal care, companion care and respite care to help elderly and disabled adults who need assistance to safely stay in their homes. This care can range from a few hours per day to 24 hour live-in care and can be changed as the needs change.

Our home oriented company is trustable solution in uneasy life situation with elderly care or your dear disabled people.

Our Home Care Services Our caregivers care about you and your family

All of our caregivers are required to obtain CPR & First Aide training before they begin caring for a client. Their responsibilities include:

  • Performing personal care assistance (bathing, grooming, etc.)
  • Reminding (meals, medication, dates, routines, walking, exercises, etc.)
  • Assisting with mobility (standing, walking, moving, etc. )
  • Providing transfer assistance (car-driving, etc. )
  • Preparing meals and feeding (including custom recipes, etc.)
  • Providing companionship
  • Performing light housekeeping, laundry
  • Errands (prescription pick-up, grocery shopping, dry cleaning, etc.)
  • Organizing shipping and reading mail (basic support with documents, bills, computer, etc.)
  • Shopping (help and support with shopping, etc.)
  • Escorting to appointments
  • Assisting with pet care (pet walking, pet care, cleaning, etc.)
  • Entertaining (games, crafts, reading, etc.)

We provide ongoing training opportunities in such areas as dementia care so we are able to meet the changing needs of our clients and their family members.
We make periodic supervisory visits to client’s home to ensure the highest quality of care is provided.

Meet Our Key People We are friendly team of professionals in Home Care

Zinoviy Fradlin

Zinoviy Fradlin CEO / Founder

When somebody ask me ``Where's your family?`` I answer: My family are all the people who were trusted to me and I care about.


You could find more about me on my Biography

Would you like to join us?

At Home Care of Baltimore we are always looking for great people to join our team. Please email us your CV at: job@homecareofbaltimore.com

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Care of Baltimore

How do I find if I eligible to apply for home care?

We’ll call us and we’ll be glad to assist you. We will carefully dig into your particlular case and provide you with best options available.

Can I get care for my loved one in a facility or nursing home?

Yes, we provide service in many different settings including nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and much more. We will care of your loved one no matter where they are.

What happens if there is an emergency?

We will quickly arrange support for you for up to 24/7 based on your case and needs.

Who can benefit from your Home Care program?

  • Disability, decline if functional ability or self-care activities
  • Memory deficits, altheimer
  • Falls or other safety concerns
  • Medication compliance challenges
  • Social isolation or lives alone

The above just some just some examples for those who can apply. It’s not a full list. For more information please contact us.

Can I change my schedule?

Yes. We will quickly accommodate any changes in the schedule.

It's time to take charge of your loved ones. Call us to sign up for home care service.